Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday April 20, 2014, James Hunter Park, Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington.

The Clarendon Easter Egg Hunt is a new tradition for the Clarendon Community. The event is free and open to all children ages 2-10.

The event will be held in James Hunter Park at the corner of 13th Street and Hartford Street.  The Easter Egg Hunt will consist of literally thousands of prizes in a dash-and-grab format with children separated by age.  Prizes will consist of eggs, toys, and candy.

Please arrive between 12:00-12:15 in order to sign in and receive your easter bag for collecting eggs!  Consider attending Church at Clarendon on Easter or another sunday, but the Easter Egg Hunt is free and open to all.

Easter Worship Service

Easter Worship 11:00AM on Sunday April 20

Join us for celebration of Christ risen!  This service will be a contemporary-leaning service comfortable to individuals of any church background…or no church background.

We offer child care from 9:30am to 12:30pm.  Please plan to arrive early on Easter Sunday if you would like to have your child in nursery or children’s church to allow for check in time.

We look forward to being together with all who worship with us.  Blessings!

Fitness Ministry

The Church at Clarendon believes that Jesus not only saves bodies, but also makes people whole by making bodies healthy.  Thus we offer Fitness Ministry as a no-strings-attached service to the community.  You do not have to be a member or even attend any other program at the Church at Clarendon in order to participate.  It is Free and Open to all in the community.

Currently we offer the following fitness programs:

Monday 5:00pm:   Glutes and Abs Strength Class (Welcome Hall)

Monday 6:15pm:    Free Yoga (Welcome Hall)

Wednesday 5:00pm: Zumba (White Hall)

Wednesday 6:00pm: Zumba (White Hall)

Wednesday 8:30pm: Pick Up Basketball (Gymnasium)

Contact Community Director Stephen Taylor (Stephen @ 1bc.org) for directions and more information.

Go Go Symphony

Go Go Symphony Plays Regularly at the Church at Clarendon
The Church at Clarendon supports various community and arts initiatives.  One of our valued partners is the Go Go Symphony. Go Go music is a historic DC musical genre, and Arlington resident Liza Kravinsky has innovated Go Go with a fusion of classical orchestration, with results that have impressed both groups.  Last month Go Go Symphony opened for genre innovators Trouble Funk at the 930 Club, with rave reviews.  Later this month they will be playing with the Capital City Symphony at the Atlas Theater.  However, they will be performing a FREE show at the Church at Clarendon (1210 North Highland Street) on Wednesday February 12 at 7:30pm.
Go-go music is a sub genre of funk that has been extremely popular in the Washington, DC area since the 1970′s, especially with African Americans. Its main feature is live funky polyrhythm — endless amounts of it — with drums, congas, cowbells, timbales, rototoms, and tambourines. It also uses improvisation and audience call and response. The beat never stops during a show; one song just morphs into the next.
You can read more about Go Go Symphony here: (www.gogosymphony.org).