Capital Area REACH

The REACH Program is led by Russ Sullivan. The Capital Area REACH Program is committed to helping young people in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, metropolitan area become successful in school, work, and the community. The children and families from REACH are a blessing to our church and an intrinsic member of our community. CAC has groups that work with male and female highschool and college students, and elementary school age children.


Three Strands Community Church

3 Strands Community Church is located in Foggy Bottom, D.C. and led by Pastor Greg Merlo. The Church at Clarendon serves Three Strands by providing and serving dinners once a month to the homeless community and members of Three Strands.


Several members are driven to minister children, homeless, undeveloped, and many more communities globally.

La Union, Honduras Mission

Beginning in 2011, Heather has been teaching at a bilingual, Christian school in a small town called La Union in Honduras. The schools give young people in the area, where many families live in poverty, a change to get a quality education, learn English, and also grow in their faith. Heather has also been doing some media work for a microloan organization called Union MicroFinanza, which supports local coffee farmers and works on community development in the La Union region. Heather has been involved in the music worship team at the church and is currently spreading her skills by teaching violin to school students in La Union.

If you would like to partner in this mission through prayer, financial giving, or in another way, please visit Heather’s blog at: http://heatherfarrell.wordpress.com/


South Africa Mission- Serving orphaned and neglected children 

Nina Neubauer continues to serve as house mom at the ‘Havens’ in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The havens are homes for children orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS crisis, or having suffered neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Their purpose is to care for the children and help restore the joy and security of childhood. The hope is that many will be adopted by ‘forever families.’ Nina has served at Baby Haven, for abandoned babies, and at Child Haven, for children ages 2-11.

If you would like to partner in this mission through prayer, financial giving, or in another way, please visit Nina’s blog at: http://ninaatbabyhaven.blogspot.com/ or contact her at: nneubauer@yahoo.com

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