1210 N. Highland St. Suite A - Arlington, VA - 22201

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The Church at Clarendon is a diverse urban church.  Our community has a wide range of age and social groups, backgrounds, beliefs, and nationalities.  You are invited to join us for Sunday worship at 11:00am, Sunday school at 9:45am, or one of our other environments.

When you arrive at the Church at Clarendon, you can expect to experience a community reflective of God’s Kingdom.  The diversity here is reflective of the D.C. metro region and the world.  The music during our worship service is contemporary instruments (guitar, keyboard, drums, bass) drawing on new and old compositions, and sung with heartfelt praise.

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If you want to connect with a community and meet others in your Christian journey, our congregation is small enough that this is easy to do.  The best way to do this beyond Sunday worship is to participate in one of the many fellowship events and small group environments we offer.  However, if you prefer to participate in Sunday worship but keep to yourself, our sanctuary is big enough that you can do that to.  We are affirming to the seeker, supportive of the established believer, and challenging to those who seek to deepen their faith and service.

All are welcome in our house.

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