Ladies Alive!

1210 N. Highland St. Suite A - Arlington, VA - 22201

The Church at Clarendon is pleased to offer a weekly study group for women of all ages!  The group meets Monday evenings at 7:30 in the Welcome Hall – after the free Yoga class.  We are reading the book We Make the Road By Walking  by Brian D. McLaren.

In our first week, we explored being alive in Christ.  “We all play a role in choosing and creating our futures.  We don’t need to wait passively for history to happen to us.  We can become protagonists in our own story.  We can make the road by walking”. Our group seeks to “seize this moment and walk wisely and joyfully into the future together-believ(ing) that the Spirit of God works everywhere to bring and restore aliveness through individuals, communities, institutions and movements.

Monday, September 29, we will look at Genesis 1:1 – 2:3, Psalm 19:1-14 and Matthew 6:25-34 and discover God speaking to us through creation.

The first Monday of every month is “dinner out”.  We meet at the Welcome Hall at 7:15 and walk to an eatery close to the church for an evening of fellowship and good food.

Won’t you join us in the journey…and bring a friend!

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