Virginia Alderson Scholarship Applications

1210 N. Highland St. Suite A - Arlington, VA - 22201

The Virginia Alderson Scholarship Fund is available for members of the Church at Clarendon who are attending accredited colleges and universities. A former church member, Miss Alderson, began her career as a mathematics teacher in central Virginia. She joined the church when she moved to Arlington in 1940 and was a lifelong leader in “young people’s” activities and led in establishing the church’s clothing center and other ministries.

Selections for this scholarship are made through the Scholarship committee which is made up of members of our congregation. Applications are available in the church office. Complete applications are due back in May. Applicants to receive a scholarship must complete the one-page application form, answer in full essay form on separate paper the several questions asked, and provide an official transcript of prior study – either high school, if a recent graduate, or college, if already attending.

2019 Scholarship Application

Applications with accompanying transcript are due on May 19, 2019

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  There may be more than one awardee. Qualified applicants whose grades deem them to be likely to succeed will receive an award, though how much varies per year with the amount of the interest earned by the bequest,  the number of applicants that year, and the type of study being pursued. The Fund is managed by the Virginia Baptist Foundation and all funds awarded are sent by the Foundation directly to the college/university a scholarship recipient will be attending.