Prayer Blitz – June 2021

1210 N. Highland St. Suite A - Arlington, VA - 22201

Join us for our 30-Day “Prayer Blitz” in the month of June. To blitz means to rush or attack with intensity and intention. In the month of June, we will do just that with our prayers. We will bombard heaven and pray for everyone, everywhere. There is no situation or circumstance too big or too small.

Please download the Prayer Blitz Calendar June 2021 for the daily prayer prompts. Then, pray. And, join us on our conference call line each Monday-Friday from 7-7:15 for corporate prayer. We also invite you to our Monday afternoon Intercessory Prayer session and to Wednesday Night Bible Study both via WebEx. Even if you do not generally attend these mid-week services, please commit to come to one at least once in June. We are believing that, when we pray, God will hear us and meet and exceed our expectations!

Don’t forget to join us Monday-Friday from 7-7:15am on our conference call line for meditation and prayer: 605-313-4162, Access Code: 701912#

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  1. MsPauline Smith Wells says:

    I I Am with You too

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