Church Scholarships

1210 N. Highland St. Suite A - Arlington, VA - 22201

The Church at Clarendon offers scholarships to qualifying church members through two different scholarship programs: the Virginia Alderson Scholarship, 2021 Alderson Scholarship Application (due in June of each year) and also through a Church Scholarship program (rolling applications), Church at Clarendon Scholarship Application.

Church members who are seeking educational and vocational opportunities to advance their career and personal and professional goals are encouraged to complete the appropriate application* and submit the completed application and accompanying transcript via the instructions on the applications. 

*The Virginia Alderson Scholarship program is meant for students pursuing semester/year-long programs [September-May] at colleges/universities as the scholarships are awarded on a traditional semester basis, part in August and part in December.  The Church Scholarship program can be used at any time during the year for technical courses, certificates, and other education that is not on a semester basis.

Applicants to receive either scholarship must complete the appropriate application,  answer in full essay form on separate paper the several questions asked, and provide an official transcript of prior study – either high school, if a recent graduate, or college, if already attending.

Selections for both scholarships are made through the Scholarship Committee which is made up of members of our congregation. If you have questions about which type of scholarship is appropriate for your needs, please contact [email protected], Scholarship Committee chair.